It’s a Boy… and a Girl! Days of Our Lives Casts Two Newcomers In Legacy Roles

It’s a Boy… and a Girl! Days of Our Lives Casts Two Newcomers In Legacy Roles

Look at them all grown up! If you’ve been thinking that the Days of Our Lives teen scene has been a bit anemic lately, don’t worry, because it’s about to receive a fresh infusion as two legacy kids are making their way to Salem the week of October 9!

Soap Opera Digest reports that Theresa and Brady’s son, Tate, will be heading to Salem, played by newcomer Jamie Martin Mann, and Nicole and the late Daniel’s daughter (and Maggie’s granddaughter), Holly, will be popping up played by Ashley Puzemis. Both will be SORASed (soap opera rapid aging syndrome) to teenagers, which might be a bit of a shock to some folks.

Tate was last seen as a kid back in 2018 played by Colin and Kyle Shroeder. His return, though, isn’t a complete surprise with Theresa back and her and Brady discussing how their son was just expelled from school. Theresa supposedly left him back in California for school, so if he’s no longer welcome in class… hello, Salem! And Theresa did make a point of saying how much he’d grown, though that certainly left things open-ended!

Holly, though, is a bit more unexpected since, as far as we knew, she was still a little kid when she and Nicole moved into the DiMera mansion less than a year ago. Last October, she was still played by Elin Alexander, who toke over the role back in 2020. With that said, this makes a bit more sense, since back when Rachel had her little welcome party with the other kids as she moved into the DiMera mansion with Kristen, we were wondering why poor Holly wasn’t invited!

While we’ll have to wait another two weeks to get a glimpse of the new kids on the block in action, there’s a good chance you’ve already spotted the two before!

Eagle-eyed folks may seen the two newcomers in the background at the ice cream truck that Peacock got to celebrate a year of Days of Our Lives streaming. Stephen Nichols (Steve) even shared a video of the event here, with the duo included! (Though we didn’t know it at the time.)

Days films about six months in advance, so Mann and Puzemis started shooting back in the spring. The Peacock anniversary and subsequent video, though, just happened this September, so it’s good to know that they’ll be sticking around for a bit.

Hopefully, though, they don’t get into nearly as much trouble as their parents!

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