The Young and the Restless Update: Monday, June 5 – Sharon & Nick’s SOS Call to Victor – Phyllis’ Plea to Kyle

The Young and the Restless Update: Monday, June 5 – Sharon & Nick’s SOS Call to Victor – Phyllis’ Plea to Kyle

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers update for Monday, June 5, tell us that Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) will tell Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) about how he’s made her a better person, so she’ll feel like she’s trying to have compassion for everyone – even Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford).

Jack will wonder about the wedding date Diane might have in mind, but she’ll want to lock in some details before they set one.

Diane will feel like it’s best to have an intimate gathering with Harrison Abbott (Kellen Enriquez) as the ring bearer and will plan to walk down the aisle with Jack by her side.

As for Diane’s matron of honor, she’ll want to extend the offer to Summer Newman-Abbott (Allison Lanier) and keep hope alive for bringing the family together.

At Society, Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) will pressure Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) to help her conspire against Jack and Diane, so he’ll think they should marry ASAP and rattle them with his shot at taking control of Jabot.

In Phyllis’ suite, Summer will pretend like she’s still wrapping her head around seeing her mom in the flesh.

Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) won’t want to hear Phyllis’ excuses and will question how she could do something like this to her own children as well as Diane.

Phyllis will initially act like Diane isn’t all that innocent, but she’ll ultimately soften her approach and try to make Kyle understand how hopeless and alone she felt.

Diane wanted a fresh start when she faked her death, but she came back because she couldn’t stand being away from Kyle.

Phyllis will claim she relates to Diane now that she regrets her fake demise and has come home to Summer and Daniel Romalotti Jr. (Michael Graziadei).

Although Kyle will want to summon the police right away, Phyllis will plead with him to just give her some time.

After Phyllis plays up how she was Jeremy Stark’s (James Hyde) victim, she’ll want to prove that she acted in self-defense when she killed him.

Kyle will seem skeptical of Phyllis’ ability to do that and will rattle off a list of charges they could face now that Phyllis has made them all accessories.

If both Kyle and Summer were to land in jail, he’ll point out how bad that’d be for Harrison and will feel like Phyllis is selfish for not thinking of the consequences.

Kyle will ask Summer how they’re supposed to explain that Mommy’s in jail and will push her to look at the reality of all this.

However, Kyle will ultimately cave in and skip calling the cops – but only for the time being!

Once Kyle and Summer return to the Abbott mansion, he’ll call her out for not seeming all that surprised to see Phyllis and will believe they met up before tonight.

Kyle will ask how long Summer’s known that Phyllis is alive, but Diane and Jack’s arrival will save her from having to answer.

Moments later, Tucker and Ashley will come in with a bottle of bubbly, so they’ll want to party over their impending marriage.

Other Y&R spoilers say Cameron Kirsten (Linden Ashby) will look like he’s up to something as he puts on a cap and sneaks out of his GCAC room.

After Cameron returns, he’ll trash the clothes he was wearing and pull a Newman security crew member’s uniform out of a bag, which will include a special badge for access.

Although Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) will have reservations about calling Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and bringing him in the loop on Cameron’s threat, Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) will think they could use all the help they can get.

Nick will be afraid Victor might want something in return, so he’ll shut down the idea that he’d work with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) at Newman Enterprises.

Sharon will try to put Nick’s focus on the imminent danger, so he’ll realize they really do need Victor’s resources and attention.

Since it’ll be late, Victor and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) will worry once they’re called over to Sharon’s cottage.

Of course, Nikki and Victor will be even more concerned to learn that Cameron’s been sending Sharon gifts and that he confronted her at the coffeehouse.

The most alarming part of all will be how Cameron approached Faith Newman (Reylynn Caster) in the park and pretended to be friendly.

Victor will make sure guards are stationed outside Sharon’s house and on the perimeter of the property.

Nikki will also invite Sharon and Faith to sleep at the main house tonight since she’d feel better if they did.

Sharon will thank Nikki for the offer, but she’ll decline after Faith insists she wants to stay put.

Later, Nick will receive updates via text from Victor, who’ll inform him that a Newman security crew member was found drugged and bound in a closet at the Newman Tower.

That security crew member’s uniform was missing when he was discovered, so it’ll become obvious that Cameron stole it.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Cameron will continue to make sinister moves in Genoa City, so stick with us for another round of disturbing news.

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